‘El Hormiguero’ reveals the trick that all students will want to know

‘The Hormiguero’The week began with the visit of Helen Lindes, who went through the Antena 3 program to promote‘The brave horse and other stories to read as a family‘, His book of children’s stories. The model spoke with Pablo Motorcycles about this project and other topics, such as her work in the modeling world or her marriage to the basketball player Rudy fernandez.

But in addition, the guest of the night also participated in several activities that the program had prepared and discovered several tricks with Marta Hazas in the contributor section. One of those tricks revealed by the actress did not go unnoticed among the students.

And it is that Hazas brought to light a Word keyboard shortcut that could make life easier for those who must write long papers. “This is for Juan del Val“The collaborator joked before explaining what it was. Specifically, it is a trick that serves to find synonyms. The procedure is simple: you have to mark any word in the text, click the ‘Shift’ and ‘F7’ keys at the same time, and then the Microsoft software display a list of synonyms.

Marta Hazas revealed in ‘El Hormiguero’ an unknown and useful resource to find synonyms in Word.

“Thank you for making my TFG easier”

As discussed, this trick did not go unnoticed by the audience and a student wrote a Tweet that has gone viral. Specifically, the Twitter user, who is doing her End of Degree Project (TFG), thanked the program for having revealed this method. “Thank you ‘El Hormiguero’ for making my TFG easier”Wrote the netizen.