El Cholo promises that Atleti will continue to give war

Nine years it takes nothing more and nothing less, Diego Pablo Simeone in front of the Atlético de Madrid. A period in which he has become the second coach with the most matches and in which he has managed to lift more titles in the history of the mattress. A time in which he has lived good moments and bad moments.

For that reason, after the game, he was remembering with tears in his eyes that turning point in which he decided to continue making the team great Atlético de Madrid. “Before the game I started to think about those moments when I arrived at the club in 2011, and the most important moment of this last period was the farewell to the Calderon When they asked me if I was going to stay There I spoke for all the people, I said yes that I was going to stay and I was going to stay because I was convinced and believed that the club had a future, and I’m not wrong. And that makes me eternally happy, because there are a lot of people who don’t see that they manage this club in a fantastic way and we are growing. And we are going to continue growing because we are hungry ”, confessed the Cholo in the mixed zone that took place in the stadium Jose Zorrilla.

Atlético de Madrid players keep their coach Diego Simeone

A good moment for him Cholo remember how the path to that title had been. “We were talking about transition last year, and they told me that transition was a weird word. We were in transition. Competing to always be as close as possible to winning, and this year that transition the players have translated into 31 dates first. I don’t know if we have ever managed to be so many dates first ”.

We talked about transition last year, and they told me transition was a weird word

And it is that since his arrival he has managed to fight for titles with Real Madrid Y Barcelona. Something unthinkable a decade ago but not by Atlético de Madrid but by any club in Spain. “He talked to the footballers before playing important games and showed him the roster of recent years with the most powerful rivals. That they continue to be and will be Real Madrid and Barcelona, and we weren’t that far away. The Real Madrid he has won two or three titles and we have won two. But we also went out two or three seconds but they have also been two or three seconds. Except the Barcelona that are still different because it is still Messi. The rest of us are getting closer every day to being able to compete against them. They demand of us, they make us better because winning like they won raises our merit. Because if we had not won it would have been a very hard blow and as it was won now they have to say that it is a greater merit ”.

Except the Barcelona that are still different because it is still Messi. The rest of us are getting closer to being able to compete every day