El Bolívar fires Naxto González

Naxto gonzalez, former coach of Sant Andreu, has left the bench Bolivar as a result of the disappointing results in the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana, the Bolivian club announced this Sunday.

“Thank you very much Natxo for your services to @Bolivar_Oficial Unfortunately the results did not come,” the club’s president, businessman Marcelo Claure, wrote on Twitter.

The leader specified in a second part of his message that also “as of today, Vladimir Soria takes over on an interim basis” of the team and that the search for the new technical director of the team has immediately begun.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the 2-0 defeat in the visit to the Brazilian Ceará this week, a duel in which the Bolivian team played a large part of its qualification aspiration to the second round of the continental tournament and of which the future depended on the Basque coach.

However, the departure of Natxo, 54, has occurred despite the explanations that Claure tried to give a few days ago to his partisans when he wrote on Twitter that the word process was “the most difficult to understand” and that it aroused the recriminations from some team fans.

Bolívar is third in group C with 6 points, behind Ceará who has 9 and Argentine Arsenal with 8, only over Wilstermann also from Bolivia who with 2 points is the bottom, a complicated picture considering that only the first qualifies for the next phase.

Four decisive lost points

The main factors of this potential elimination are mainly in the four points that Bolívar missed with draws at home against Ceará and Wilstermann, in addition to the other equality when he visited the latter, which could have been a victory were it not for the penalty that missed the Albanian forward Armando Sadiku.

The results have also put footballers like Sadiku under the eye of criticism, who only scored two goals after 7 games in the local championship against bottom San José, in addition to Spanish reinforcements Álex Granell and Álvaro Rey along with Uruguayan Felipe Carvalho.

The team will now be temporarily under the orders of Soria, an iconic former club player in the 1990s who was also the coach who led Bolívar to the only international final in its history at the 2004 Copa Sudamericana against Boca Juniors.