Eight adventurers will tell us about their experiences at the Natura Travel Online Festival

The first edition of the Nature Travel Online Festival, which takes place from January 20 to 23, brings together adventurers from around the world to tell us about their experiences as travelers. Eight extraordinary women are part of the cast of speakers.

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Rocio Espada and Estefanía Martin, biologists determined that we look at the sea with different eyes, Kris Ubach is a regular contributor to National Geographic or Lonely Planet. Belén de la Fuente is a pioneer in expeditions around the world from Tenerife. Ana Alemany brings us passionate stories of women who made our planet a better place. María Sánchez was born in the gates of Doñana, and this left her destiny marked and since she can remember she has spent it looking at the sky and the depths of the forest studying the living beings that inhabit those spaces. Rena Ortega is an illustrator who seeks to awaken consciences with her painting. Malou van Breenvoort, journalist, photographer and ecologist who wants to convey with her photographs and articles everything she feels in those places alongside different cultures and landscapes.