Eibar need to find a goal

Eibar is going to have to reinforce practically all the areas of the field, although if any one urgently needs a renovation it is the point of attack. The armored team suffered a lot with the goal last season, scoring only 39 goals, its lowest number since the season of its debut in the First Division when it scored 34.

In case that data does not sufficiently demonstrate the need for guns to find goals in the market, we must add the fact that the top two directors of last season will no longer be next season. The march of Fabian
Orellana to Real Valladolid and the confirmed loss of Charles
Days, who will play at Pontevedra, leave Eibar without 14 of those 39 goals, which together with the two he scored Paul
Blasis they leave the team of Joseph
Balance without almost half of the many achieved last League.

In addition, the performance of Sergi
Enrich, Kike
Garcia and Quique
Gonzalez face to door has left much to be desired. The Balearic striker has only scored one goal this season -before Granada- and in the last three campaigns he has only scored 11 goals, the same ones he scored four seasons ago in what was his best year facing goal and which improved the nine of their debut season.

Garcia He went through a severe drought in the first lap, but after the confinement he was the best to finish with five goals, two more than the previous year and three less than his best season at Eibar.

The march of Orellana, Charles and De Blasis deprives the team of 16 of those 39 goals

Gonzalez It has been the great fiasco. He arrived backed by the 16 goals he scored with Deportivo de la Coruña, a figure he had also achieved in Almería. However, the Pocelano striker has not found his place in the team and has finished the season without scoring a single goal.

In total, among the three forwards they have only scored six goals, so finding a striker in the market with some scoring ease should be the great goal of the summer for the sports leadership he leads. Fran

Of course, that is the objective of all the First and Second teams, so finding the right player will not be easy, and even less with the limited budget that Eibar has, which will also be affected by the cuts caused for the COVID-19 crisis.

Find a Borja
Walking stick -He scored 18 goals in 15/16 – it does not happen every day, but it will be necessary to find a striker who ensures a significant number of goals. Either that or those who are improving significantly in front of goal.