Egypt pre-summons Salah for the Olympics and angers Liverpool

Mohamed Salah has been pre-summoned by Egypt for next summer’s Olympics, a fact that has taken Liverpool by surprise. The Anfield team was unaware of the intentions of the African team to have their star, who if they went to the Olympic event would see their preparation for the following year altered and could even miss the start of the season.

This year the usual U-23 teams will be exceptionally U-24, although Salah would attend as one of the three allowed veterans.

In order not to generate more controversy, the Egypt U-23 coach, Shawky Gharib, confirmed that they have not yet discussed it with Liverpool, however he made it clear that they intend to do so “after the March break.”

The Tokyo Olympics, relocated this year after being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, will take place between July 23 and August 8.