Edurne shows, for the first time, the face of her daughter Yanay

On March 4, Edurne Y David De Gea they welcomed Yanay, their first daughter. The couple shared, through their respective accounts Instagram, a beautiful snapshot of the little girl’s fist on an embroidered blanket with the name they had chosen for their baby.

Since then, the singer has not hesitated at any time to share photographs with the newborn. Although, in all of them, she carefully hid the little girl’s face. Still, he managed to make them the most beautiful and managed to convey what he is feeling for her.

But now, when the little girl is about to turn two months and coinciding with the Mother’s Day, the interpreter has surprised everyone with a photo in which the face of Yanay spotlight.

“My little Yanay, almost 2 months ago you came into my life to revolutionize it !! Thank you for making me so happy, thank you for making me my mother, my baby !! ”, he wrote Edurne next to the post where she can be seen holding the little girl while she kisses her on the head.

As expected, a shower of likes has not taken long to arrive and fill up to the more than 200 thousand “I like you” the photograph. In addition, many of his followers have also wanted to leave a comment about what they thought of the image. One of those who has not hesitated to write has been himself David De Gea. “Happy day, Mommy. I love you ”, you can read in the goalkeeper’s message.

Edurne with her daughter Yanay.