Edurne introduces her daughter and everyone notices the same detail

This past Friday, March 5, Edurne Y David De Gea announced through their respective profiles on social networks the birth of Yanay, his first daughter. Both published a photograph of the little girl’s hand in which the name chosen by the couple was embroidered in pink. Next to the image, a date: “3-4-2021”, the day on which the couple’s first daughter arrived in the world.

As expected, the reactions were swift. Thousands of people wanted to welcome him to Yanay, as well as congratulations to both Edurne and De Gea through the same publications.

But, in addition, many others they looked at a detail That did not go unnoticed and they decided to comment on it on social networks. And, although it did not seem like a pretty name to many, that it is capicúa seduced them.

Others also highlighted the short time that has passed since the singer announced that she was pregnant until she gave birth. The announcement that Yanay was on the way they did it on November 5, exactly four months ago.