Édgar, on the ERTE of Alavés: ‘You have to abide by what happened’

The player of the Deportivo Alavés Edgar Méndez, Asked this Thursday about the ERTE that the club applied to the Albiazul squad, he pointed out that “you have to abide by what happened” and said that “you should not blame anyone for anything”, thus shelving a situation experienced during the season passed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Canarian footballer publicly criticized at the time the club’s intentions to lower the player’s record, but insisted that “the past is past” and added that they are focused on what they have to do.

“There is a lot of noise outside, but here the relationship is enviable”, settled the babazorro when questioned by the Alava dressing room. “As much as they talk outside, it will not affect us because inside we are a family and we are quite united,” added the midfielder, who appreciated that he is doing things well, although he would like to “always perform to the fullest.”

He acknowledged that they have not lived up to what is required of them, although he explained that they have played against great rivals. “We have to turn the situation around, we have to start closing points,” he said. Edgar Mendez, aware that there is “less time”, so now they have to be “more effective in getting the points.”

On the other hand, he admitted that they are not aiming or generating scoring chances and it is something they work on every day, as well as the mental issue because the defeat against Osasuna “It was a hard blow.”

“If you keep thinking about the past, you get stuck,” said the canary, who opted to vindicate himself against Betis on the next day.

It is a good opportunity to vindicate ourselves against Betis in a beautiful and difficult scenario.

Despite the fact that Alavés is going through a difficult game situation and is in the lower zone of the table, for Edgar it is not the same as last year. “Last year was more difficult because nobody knew what was going to happen and it caught us all by surprise worldwide,” he considered and assumed that they could not focus on what they should have.

“Today we are focused and we do not see it as difficult as last year,” he said.