Ed Sheeran makes his own prediction on the semifinal and final of the European Championship

Ibai Llanos has interviewed this Monday on his Twitch channel Ed Sheeran. The British singer has been live in ‘Chatting quietly‘ to promote his new single, ‘Bad Habits‘, With whom he has returned to the world of music after four years since he announced his temporary retirement from the stage.

“We are very grateful that such an important international artist is coming. They got in touch with us and wanted to come to our channel. We are like the new ‘El Hormiguero’ ”, joked the‘ streamer ’before beginning the interview with the artist.

On his return to music, Sheeran has assured he is “very happy” to have returned and has explained that he is currently promoting this latest single that came out on June 25. In that sense, it has also announced that will release a new album at the end of the year.

The singer decided temporarily withdraw after a long time dedicated to his latest album. As explained in the Llanos channel, always write songs based on their experiences and felt that he needed stop and live new experiences to be able to continue creating later.

During this time, and especially in the last year, a lot has happened to him. He lost one of his friends recently, has turned 30 and, most importantly, has become the father of little Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran, fruit of its relationship with Cherry seaborn. In some way, all of this has influenced him when it comes to creating music and we will probably see it on his next album.

About her new job, Sheeran has already made it clear that “there are no collaborations with other artists”, In addition to underlining the work that there is in each one of the subjects. “‘Bad Habits’ is a bit special, but the rest of the songs, if you are a fan of my music, you will like them”, Said the singer, who wanted to focus exclusively on his musical career.

Ed Sheeran during his interview with Ibai Llanos.

Ed Sheeran: “I go to Spain twice a year”

Unsurprisingly, the British artist has also had questions about Spain and about football. Llanos has asked him what he likes most about Spain and his response has been surprising. “I probably go to Spain twice a year”, Sheeran has begun, in addition to revealing that has family in Murcia. Likewise, it has ensured that “Madrid is always a great place to play”And has confessed to being a lover also of Pyrenees.

“As an Englishman, Spain has always been a destination for English people. Since I was little I traveled to Spain and it is a place I like to go”, He added at another point in the interview in which he was also asked about Barcelona. “I have always loved Barcelona. I love the Sagrada Familia”, Assured the interpreter of‘Shape of You‘.

Ed Sheeran during his interview with Ibai Llanos.

Ed Sheeran during his interview with Ibai Llanos.

Ed Sheeran: “In England it’s like in Spain, football is a religion”

On the other hand, Sheeran has also been asked about the Eurocup, as England could become a winner and, furthermore, the stadium of Wembley will be the scene of both the semifinals and the final to be played on July 11. The singer, a very football fan, has been restless: “For England it has been a long time since we have not been in a position like this”.

To be in England with the semi-final and have a chance to go to the final [en Wembley]… Our country has been divided for a long time and this opportunity has brought us together”, Said the artist, who has also dared to make his own prediction about what will happen in the competition. About the party of England vs. Denmark, the artist has opted for a 2-1. And in the end, whoever it is, predicts a 1-0.

His love of football reaches the point that next season sponsor the jersey of his childhood football team, the Ipswich Town FC, third division. “In England it is like in Spain. Soccer is like a religion. Everyone has their team from their region, from their city”, He explained in the interview with the Basque‘ streamer ’.