Dybala yes, but not at any price

Atlético de Madrid
he is already working on the project for next season. One of the names that most have attracted attention among those who have sounded is that of Paul

The Ser string recently noted that the great dream of Simeone It is to be able to count on the Juventus striker, but the truth is that it does not seem like an easy operation to carry out.

We are talking about one of the best forwards who play in Europe, 27 years old and in full sporting maturity. He ends a contract in 2022 and his participation in the last two campaigns, since the arrival of Christian, has been waning. To such an extent that during this year, the information that speaks of his departure has been constant.

According to the information that came out just a few days ago, several players could serve as a bargaining chip. But in this case, some doors are closed, by himself Simeone and by the fans.

Specifically that of Angel
strap, who has been one of the heroes of the league title. If the request of the Italian team is to put the Rosario forward in the operation there will be no deal. The Cholo It is considered non-transferable but it is also that the fans are clear about it.

MD conducted several surveys in this regard. The first one about strap. Almost 80% of the more than 6,500 fans who voted, resoundingly refused that the ’10’ of the Athletic enter into a hypothetical operation by La ‘Joya’.

What would fit the mattress fans is that the other name related to the operation, that of Alvaro Morata, enter it. Juventus wants to continue counting on the Madrid. The transfer operation that the Atlético de Madrid closed was valued at 55 million euros, divided as follows, ten already paid by the Juve for the first year of the assignment, 10 for the second year of the assignment, and 35 million euros if he wanted to buy it the next summer market.

Fans understand that a change of Morata for Dybala. 90.4% of the followers who voted on our website gave the green light to this option, compared to others.