Dybala bombshell

Atlético de Madrid
is already working on the next season. Having been champion of the The league in the 20/21 campaign it does not mean that the mattress club is going to rest on its laurels. In fact, the rojiblanca entity has been working for a long time on the configuration of project 21/22 in which it will be required of those from Simeone even more, given that they were able to take the title in the just concluded season.

We already anticipate that a continuity project is passing through the minds of the mattress rectors. With few new faces. Of course, select … and very complicated to carry out.

The Atlético de Madrid It is clear about what it needs, beyond the fact that during the opening of the market it may bring up other situations that require more operations. And the main objective for this market has to do with the signing of a forward. In recent months, several names have come to the fore as options. Those of Milik, André Silva, Rafa Mir… But without a doubt, the one who puts long teeth to Simeone is none other than his compatriot Paulo Dybala.

And in this context, The spar of the Ser string has ensured that the Athletic he has intensified his contacts for the ‘Jewel’. We are talking about one of the best forwards who play in Europe, 27 years old and in full sporting maturity. He ends a contract in 2022 and his participation in the last two campaigns, since the arrival of Christian, has been waning. To such an extent that during this year, the information that speaks of his departure has been constant.

He is a player who has a crush on Simeone for a long time. In fact, a couple of courses ago it sounded like a replacement for Griezmann and a chance meeting between him Cholo and the forward in a Madrid restaurant sparked all kinds of rumors.

Now, with just one more year on his contract and his weight loss in the Juventus seems like the right time to leave. Atlético has to supply the march of Coast and once confirmed that Dembélé does not continue, it is the dream option. The player recently winked at the mattress team.

Also because the Athletic has room for maneuver since it has yielded to Alvaro
Morata at the Piedmontese club. The Madrilenian wants to continue in Italy, the entity ‘bianconera’ wants it to continue. So it can be a bargaining chip.

The transfer operation that the Atlético de Madrid closed was valued at 55 million euros, divided as follows, ten already paid by the Juve for the first year of the assignment, 10 for the second year of the assignment, and 35 million euros if he wanted to buy it the next summer market.

With the economic problems that Juventus has at this time, the purchase seems discarded and a new transfer would be committed. In this scenario, a possible exchange between clubs is a possibility according to The spar, although the Athletic I would prefer to unlink both operations.

Therefore, according to the aforementioned information, the name of Ángel Correa as a bargaining chip would be on the table. It is strange that one of the heroes of the last league could enter into this operation, but after seven years at the club, Atlético understands that if the footballer wanted to take such a leap in his career, he would have earned it.

Just a year ago the player was very close to signing for him AC Milan. He saw ‘rossonero’ with a star status that he has not had in the Athletic. However, the Italian team did not reach the amount requested by the mattress club and the player, who had been waiting for several days for the okay, ended up staying. Hence, now, in this hypothetical scenario, it could be a kind of compensation for him.

Bentancur, also in the spotlight

The matter of Dybala He is not the only one who would be on the table of contacts. We already told you recently that the Athletic also has in your agenda to Rodrigo
Bentancur, the middle center of the Juventus
. Another footballer who has tested the Athletic in recent years, always with the refusal of the Italian club. In this sense, the mattress team needs a replacement for that core area that supplies Lucas’s departure. Torreira, which will not continue in the Athletic, once its assignment by the Arsenal.

A much more complicated operation because the contract ends in 2024, because it was renewed only a year ago. And above all because he is one of the key players in the Italian team. In this past course he added 3,184 minutes in 45 games in which he scored four goals.