Durán: ‘An error has been made with the penalty to Óscar Gil that has not been reviewed’

The party that Espanyol played on Sunday against Sporting and that ended with a tie at one, an insufficient result given the occasions that the parrots had, it was also marked by las arbitration controversies that ignited Espanyolismo. The anger was focused, above all, in a possible penalty by Gaspar Campos on Óscar Gil at the stroke of half an hour, which the referee ignored and that the VAR did not even enter to review. It was also recriminated that the referee forgave him the second yellow to Javi Fuego.

José María Durán, CEO of Espanyol, He referred to this set and without red charges against the arbitration group, he did acknowledge that the braid Milla Alvendiz had been wrong.

”The arbitration establishment has improved a lot. It has very good professionals included our good friend Male Aceitón, although today is not the day to say it. The main referee made a mistake and then the VAR did not know how to correct him correctly. They have been wrong and we do not like them to be wrong. We should have won this match, but a draw is not bad and it’s time to continue. It was the best day to win here ”, he declared Duran to the Grada Ràdio.

In line, the CEO reiterated that “certainly, it has been made a mistake with the penalty to Óscar Gil that has not been reviewed. There had also been other conflicting plays that have been resolved correctly. “

And about Espanyol’s relationship with the refereeing establishment, he commented that “from the first match, we have a fluid relationship with all the football estates in Madrid and with the Royal Spanish Federation. We also convey our messages to the committee. We are not populists and we don’t go to the microphone to complain. We will not do it to calm our fans and what they would like to hear every week. This is not the way, because we believe that people can be turned against us and it is not what we are looking for ”.