Dress rehearsal: Simeone tests eleven for Leipzig

Dress rehearsal in Majadahonda with Leipzig in mind. He TOMadrid phone
He wanted to play two friendlies before the clash on August 13 in Lisbon, but given the current situation, finally the matches will be between the squad, something that already happened after the confinement, when the matches were between the mattress players.

This Saturday, August 1, one of the two was scheduled. So it was. Simeone He organized two teams, one with a clear starter scent to face the German team. And without many surprises in what it has been testing lately, with the presence of Marcos Llorente and Diego Costa at the point of attack.

It should be remembered that for this appointment, it is serious doubt Thomas partey. With a muscle injury, the Ghanaian has very difficult to reach the quarterfinals, and Cholo has already made up his mind that he will not be able to count on him.


With Oblak in goal, the defense was for Arias, Savic, Giménez and Lodi. We have already been warning that the Colombian has taken advantage over Trippier on the right side, something that has been demonstrated in this game. As for the center of the rear, the Montenegrin and the Uruguayan are today one point ahead of Felipe.

At the double pivot, Koke and Saul they are untouchable if Thomas does not arrive on time. And in band, two offensive profile players, Angel Correa on the right and YAnnick Carrasco to the left. Above, Marcos Llorente with Diego Costa.

Seeing the eleven, it is foreseeable that Cholo seeks speed in attack to harm Leipzig, with balls in depth to Carrasco, Llorente and Costa.