Dream Cheers, Barcelona Dragons and the LV Super Bowl

The kicker and former FC Barcelona goalkeeper
Jesus Angoy
, President
Miquel Matas, Rafa Cervera,
soul of all American sports in our country, Pau Coll, Ivan ‘Champi’ or Xisco Marcos and Marko Martos

, all of them also players of the Dragons like Angoy They have already put their forecast for the Super Bowl that tomorrow faces Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Kansas City Chiefs and something has
Tom brady
who wins in the ‘baton’. They are part of the story of when a Barcelona-based WLAF team, the Dragons, filled the Estadi Olimpic with an audience and were able to win the competition.

It is also part of that story
Eva Martinez
, in 1990 one of the Barcelona Dragons cheerleaders, the one who best understood American culture and the professionalization of an important part of the show. She founded the Dream cheers and hers is the merit of choosing the best to create spectacular musical numbers, including acrobatics, choreographies of great musicals and a unique aesthetic to give life, among other scenarios, to the Palau Blaugrana in FC Barcelona basketball matches. Despite the fact that the pandemic does not allow them to return to the court, the Dream Cheers as Cova, María, Jeffer, Anna and Charlotte They continue to prepare and work hard for when they can return with new and spectacular numbers to the Barça basketball court. What’s more, Eva Martinez is preparing a new project, the Dream Cheers Academy, which will soon see the light. The Dream Cheers, ready for the Super Bowl.