Draw without pain or glory of Lyon against Nimes

He Olympique de Lyon still unconvinced. Could not with him Nimes in a stale gray duel that he didn’t even unlock Memphis Depay, this time starter (0-0).

Contrary to what is read in these lines, it all began with a clear double occasion of Cornett. First to Reynet’s body and in a forced rejection out. Strong response from Nimes. Ripart, a headache for Dubois, slammed the ball off the crossbar after a good whip.

That was the end of a give and take it promised. Those of Rudi García, who decided to return to the defense of the four, had control but needed to grease the machine to unbalance from within. On the contrary, Nimes, who locked up and against him saw how Lopes, with a paradon saw how Ferhat prevented both.

There was a goal, but it was disallowed. Dembelé balled her at the net but the ball had gone out before the baseline. Dubois couldn’t help it. That was, until discount, the only clear chance for both teams. In the 90 ‘, and in a corner kick, Reynet took a header from Kadewere that sneaked in.