Donnarumma explains his cold reaction to winning Italy in the shootout

All the spectators had doubts in the penalty shoot-out, when Gianluigi Donnarumma stopped the decisive throw to Bukayo saka, why the Italian goal did not react.

Well, his cold demeanor has a simple explanation: he wasn’t keeping score. This is how Donnarumma explained it in Sky Sport: “I hadn’t understood anything, I was already on the ground when Jorginho failed, I thought we had lost. After the stop, I walked away and checked that the VAR gave the go-ahead to continue, then I saw my teammates running towards me and I already found out about everything ”.

Now, after his exhibition and being named Eurocup MVP, Donnarumma is about to be announced as the signing of Paris saint germain, but he has yet to give an explanation to Milan supporters. “In these days I will talk about all this. What I can say now is that those colors will always be a part of me. Now I enjoy this party and from tomorrow I will be on vacation ”.

After being crowned the best of the Eurocup in 2022, there are those who put Donnarumma among the candidates for the Ballon d’Or, but he has his feet on the ground. “I still have not realized what we have done. I listen to Ballon d’Or, but honestly I don’t think about it “, he clarified.