‘Don Pedri’, stellar once again

Surely it won’t be the last Eurocup play, but the first few times are never forgotten, and in the case of Pedri He left the tournament on Tuesday with the bittersweet taste that, despite having performed at a high level, playing in the final will have to wait.

The midfielder of Barça, fixed for Luis Enrique From start to finish of the competition, he again starred in an anthology performance, unbecoming of an 18-year-old footballer. Brave and purposeful as always, especially remarkable was the data of his passes, when completing a total of 65 of the 67 that tried, thus exceeding 97% success rate. Just Rodrigo it surpassed him in terms of percentage, being slightly above 98%, but in his case, 44 were those who tried and 43 were successful.

In addition, it should be noted that during the first half ‘Don Pedri’ (which already deserves this nickname) did not make a single mistake in the pass. 31 times he tried to associate with his teammates, and all of them successfully, and the vast majority were also on the rival field.

The Euro 2020 it was over yesterday for Spain and to Pedri, but the canarian history in this football has only just begun.