Does the fans trust Atlético?

Atlético de Madrid
will play this Saturday, before the Getafe, a very important game, vital for the mattress team in relation to their fight for the title of The league.

After last Wednesday’s victory against the Athletic Club de Bilbao, the team led by Diego Pablo Simeone, currently has six points (plus the particular ‘goal-average’) compared to the second classified, which is the FC Barcelona. And it also has eight points of difference with the Real
Madrid, which is third in the ranking.

Will it be enough to win the title? Do the fans trust the ability of the mattress team to maintain the lead until the end? well that is the question that MD threw to the rojiblancos fans in this final stretch of the season.

And the answer is resounding. Yes. Completely yes. The fans understand that Athletic has enough weapons, will and game to

Of almost a thousand people who participated, 90.54% of the participants understood that yes, that the Athletic it will hold and take the title. Meanwhile, 9.46% understand that no, that they will not be able to cope with the pressure and will succumb. That is to say, that out of every ten people, nine bet on the mattress team.

To the Athletic He has five games left in the Metropolitan, front Alavés, Huesca, Eibar, Real Sociedad and Osasuna. And also seven games outside their stadium, against Getafe, Seville, Betis, Athletic, Elche, Barcelona and Valladolid. Starting with the one with the blue box, in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, this very Saturday.

Right now, Atlético is the team that has won the most matches in the competition -19-, it is the second that has scored the most goals -50, the least thrashed on the street -18 goals- and the one that has lost the fewest matches in what He goes on a league campaign – barely two. Data that supports the impression of that more than 90% who bet on the Athletic.