Doctors remove Melyssa Pinto from ‘Survivors’

This Tuesday ‘No man’s land‘Has issued some images in which it appears Melyssa pinto leaving the beach where the contestants of ‘Survivors‘After a terrible night with acute gastroenteritis.

“I am without strength. I’ve had a very bad night. I have tried to eat some rice but my stomach is closed. Everything that my body has expelled, I cannot recover ”, has been the response that the Catalan has given to Carlos Sobera when you asked him how he was doing.

The presenter then explained that he had suffered “a picture of acute gastroenteritis.” “That doesn’t allow you to tolerate solids or liquids. Doctors have decided that you spend one night there on a diet based on fish and rice. You will have the same conditions that you would have on the beach. Take it as a short break and as a stage to come back with more strength ”, he insisted.

On the other hand, Nozzle also wanted to reassure Melyssa assuring her that the program had contacted her family to explain her situation. “We have conveyed to your family not to worry. You’re fine, under control and everything is going to be great. Your family knows it and for that part do not worry, “he said.

Alexia Rivas He did not hesitate to admit on set that “I am very sorry to see him like this.” “Feeling that weakness and thinking that it could harm you in the contest is very hard. You are also worried about what your family might think, ”she added. Marta Lopez, also present, admitted that “I have argued with her but she is a champion and I have no doubt that she will return.”