Djokovic’s father ruthlessly attacks Federer: ‘He’s not such a good man’

Everyone knows that the relationship between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer is not particularly good. Despite the fact that on the track and in the press room they maintain their forms, there has been no harmony between them for a long time.

The last sample we have seen in the last hours, when Srdjan, the father of the number 1 in the world, has dispatched at ease against the Swiss tennis player.

“About 15 years ago he attacked my son when he was still young, when he was 18 or 19 years old. He knew someone was coming who would be better than him. I said then that he was a great champion, the best at that time, but as much as he is a great champion, Federer is not such a good man”He said in an interview on the Serbian TV‘ Ace at Eleven ’program‘ K1 ’.

Nole’s father also criticized the press for the, according to him, unfair treatment they give him and his son.

It is obvious that the foreign media do not have the best opinion of us and that we constantly annoy them. To tell you the truth, I don’t want to be a part of their twisted world. I’m sorry you don’t like Novak. I’m just telling the truth, what should I do? They defame so much and say so many disgusting things about him that it’s unbelievable. My answers are much clearer compared to how they treat this great champion that they will never have in this world again ”he lamented.

Srdjan Djokovic finally put out his chest highlighting the qualities of the world number 1.

Novak brought out the best in me and my wife. From me he acquired courage and courage, and from his mother, calm and composure. When he encounters a wall, he stops and thinks, while I roll on my head until I pass out.”He concluded.