Djokovic trains like one more in the public courts of Torremolinos

Serbian Novak Djokovic, number one in the world in the ATP ranking, trained this Thursday as one more at the facilities of the Municipal Sports Board of Torremolinos (Malaga), a town on the Costa del Sol in which it has also reserved a track to exercise on Friday, according to Efe.

Djokovic, born in Belgrade 33 years ago, is closely linked to the Costa del Sol and a few days ago he returned to the house he owns in the city of Marbella, where he was already seen training in some periods of the past 2020, and now he has chosen the town of Torremolinos to try the racket again before the Australian Open, set for next February.

The Serbian exercised at noon this Thursday on the public tracks of Torremolinos, where he planned to do it again in the early afternoon, while this Friday he will repeat time and stage as long as the weather does not prevent it, as the province Malaga is on orange alert for rain and yellow for strong winds.

In any case, sources close to the Torremolinos facility explained to Efe that the circle closest to Djokovic maintains the reserve for this Friday’s session.

The number 1 in the ATP ranking has been friendly in the municipal facilities and also very discreet trying not to attract the attention of those who, despite the bad weather on the Costa del Sol, were in the area, added the sources.