Djokovic, for his 952 victory to overcome Vilas in the Open Era

Novak Djokovic has slowly risen up the record books once again. With his Tuesday victory over Mats Moraing at the ATP in Belgrade, ‘Nole’ equaled the 951 victories on the circuit of Argentine Guillermo Vilas, occupying the fifth place in the ranking of most victories in the Open Era.

“Obviously that also inspires me more to keep going. It is not my top priority, but it comes as a consequence of all the quality work and all the results that I have had over the years. I will try to get even higher in the win rankings in the coming years, ”said the Serb.

If Djokovic beats Federico Coria in the quarterfinals this Thursday, he will stay in fifth place alone. He still has a way to go to reach Rafael Nadal, which is in fourth place with 1,022. Although the world No. 1 had never faced Coria, 29, before, he did play his older brother Guillermo four times (2-2).

“Coria is as fighter as his brother and he does not give up, not a single point. He has that fighting spirit and makes sure the player wins it instead of him winning himself. And he loves to play on clay, this is his preferred surface, “Djokovic told reporters.

“He won’t have much to lose,” Djokovic said. “I’m sure he is really motivated to play his best tennis and he will probably get some good advice from his older brother. But I’m looking forward to the match. It is a great duel for me and it will be a really good match on clay ”, concluded the Balkan.