Disparate and embarrassment in the Athletic Assembly

There are those who delegitimize the vote against some accounts, at least these, because it is a still photo, audited and without reservations. Until now, they had never said. And they have been years …

They argued that with this position what you have to do is go to court and report. Ultimately, we can only vote ‘yes’. How they read. Let us not vote the accounts again in these cases or that there is only the ‘yes’ ballot. Other options don’t make sense. Stunned, hey!

Mariachis, faltones, courtiers… An embarrassing show where only trainers and trapeze artists were missing. Let’s all reflect. The strength of Athletic passes through the union. The discrepancy enriches and helps improvement. They weaken division and fracture.

Let’s reflect on who faces us, fractures and divides us in favor of your business and income statement. Nothing from Athleticzale in his conduct. They signal in an inquisitorial way whoever damages his plate of beans. And that comes out later in the Assemblies. There is the enemy.