Disney explains its political leanings after firing Gina Carano

The CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek, insisted on Tuesday that the entertainment company “is not leaning to the left or the right” politics, after the controversy that generated the dismissal of actress Gina Carano for your comments on social media.

We seek that both the way we work and the content we create reflect the diversity of the world in which we live”, Assured Chapek during an event for investors.

The dismissal of Carano, one of the protagonists of the series “The Mandalorian”, for his denialist publications of the coronavirus pandemic and other controversial comments about the transgender community, aroused harsh criticism on social networks by conservative sectors.

According to Disney’s top leader, the actress’s contract was terminated due to comments that Lucasfilm, producer of the Star Wars franchise, found them “aberrant”.

Specifically, the controversy was sparked by a publication on social networks in which the actress compared the political situation in the United States with Nazi Germany.

“As history is altered, most people don’t realize that, to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily arrest thousands of Jews, the government earlier provoked their own neighbors to hate them simply for being Jews. . How is that different from hating someone for their political opinions? ”The actress posted.

Although the message did not reflect a political alignment, that text was followed by a photo of a man with his head covered in masks and the text: “Meanwhile in california”.

Carano has on other occasions been against the use of masks, has supported comments that assure that racism does not exist and that supporters of former US President Donald Trump are treated unfairly.

He once made fun of the pronouns with which certain transgender people ask to be identified and on another occasion he published vignettes that reflected anti-Semitic conspiracies, among other types of messages that also supported the allegations of repeated electoral fraud, without evidence, by Trump.

After Carano’s departure from “The Mandalorian”, some forums considered that Disney applied a double moral standard because the other protagonist of the seriesPedro Pascal once compared detention centers on the US border with concentration camps.

Carano has since signed on with the conservative newspaper “The Daily Wire” to produce content.