DiR gyms, forced to close their doors for the fourth time

With the new Government restrictions, the DiR gym chain, leader in Barcelona, ​​is forced to close the doors of its facilities from January 7 and for 10 days.

It is the fourth time, since the pandemic began, that gyms have to cease their activity for a few days. According to Ramon Canela, founder and CEO of the DiR group “We consider it to be a new example of the Government’s lack of strategy and a decision that can lead to unsustainable situations in many gyms.” In addition, Canela adds “The sports sector requires a policy of transparency and that the Government explain to us what figures are those that mark the closure of gyms for ten days.”

The closure of the centers also affects many users who come to them for health needs, with which the impact is not only economic for the sector but also social, without existing in these cases a viable alternative to replace the experience of the centers.

Canela adds “A significant number of our subscribers need to do physical activity for their physical and even mental well-being at times during these times of pandemic, however, many of them are forced to do physical activity from home and without obtaining the same result as when they practice in the gym, where they also have the assistance of our professionals. “

Faced with this new period of closure of the centers, DiR clubs will continue to make their platform www.diracasa.com available to their subscribers and clients with more than 370 videos that allow physical activity to be carried out from home.

“For now it is the option that we can offer and we are really very satisfied with the results and the opinion of the users, but without a doubt we hope to receive them as soon as possible again in our centers. Gyms are safe and, as we have shown these months, they have not been the source of sources of contagion that justify these types of measures. ”, Adds Canela.