Diop: ‘By recovering what Eibar is, it is possible to save oneself’

The midfielder of Eibar Pape Diop has declared this Tuesday, that all the matches that his team has left are “finals” that they can face successfully as long as they recover the essence of “what is the Eibar”.

“We know,” he explained. Diop– that it will be hard, but in football everything is possible and recovering what is the Eibar, it’s possible”.

This Sunday the gunsmiths face a new duel against a direct rival such as Getafe at the Alfonso Pérez, where the Eibar players have to be “themselves” and have “no fear”.

He estimated that it will be necessary for them to be strong “mentally”, when facing a “very tough” opponent who “competes” very well. Getafe stressed that they do not need to “dominate” to score goals and that Eibar already knows how they play because they have faced them “many times”.

Diop pointed out that the Madrid team is not going to “leave” the ball to them, but that they will have to go out “to compete” and do what the game demands at all times, while he said that the gunsmiths are “ready” to continue believing in salvation and more after the victory they achieved on Saturday against Alavés in Ipurua,

Diop also said that they continue to believe in their chances of permanence, as was seen in the second half of the game against Real Sociedad, or in the match against Alavés and showed his confidence that they can obtain a “winning streak” that will continue. he has denied them all season.

“You see that you are not dead,” Diop continued, “and that by doing things right and with a bit of luck you can get that out after a very difficult season. This victory has given us a lot of life and strength to believe that it can be done. It is true that many games that we have played have been Eibar at times, we have not been like Saturday, that we played a game from the beginning to the end and in which it was finally us “.

Finally, he opted for having “a cool head and a very hot heart” and that “fear” or tension does not dominate them “and had a few words of memory and gratitude for Fran Garagarza, the sports director who will leave the club next month of June, after finalizing his contract.