Diego surprises when he confesses his rapprochement with Sandra Pica: ‘There has been interest’

Sandra Pica traveled to Honduras with the aim of breaking his relationship with Tom brusse. Since the Catalan announced that she was no longer in love with the contestant of ‘Survivors‘The rumors of infidelity have sounded strongly on the sets of Telecinco programs.

This Monday, the contestant of ‘The Island of Temptations 3’, Diego, has spoken for ‘Ana Rosa’s program‘And explained that Sandra Pica contacted him to propose to go out in one of his video clips, an area in which the lawyer has experience and that in fact cost him his relationship with Lola.

“He told me that he did like the idea of ​​being in the video clip,” explained the young man. On the other hand, he also admitted a rapprochement between the two. “No, there hasn’t been any fooling around. What there has been interest for both parties ”, he pointed out.

On the performance of his ex-partner Lola in the contest, Diego He admitted that “it is surprising me.” “You are not doing it wrong. After what happened I will never have a good roll with her, but cordiality, yes, for Horus more than anything, that she will have a bad time if she stops seeing her mother ”, he transmitted.

Finally, he gave his opinion on the new relationship of the Leon with Ivan. “They have two newscasts, I do not see her as in love as she was with me,” he said. Diego.