Diego Matamoros and Carla Barber put an end to their love: they lead separate lives

Diego Matamoros Y Carla barber they would be going through a serious crisis which could end in breaking off, after almost a year of relationship. The couple is doing Separated lives after the son of Kiko Matamoros He left his girlfriend’s house, located in the heart of Madrid, to move to his home in Boadilla del Monte.

The couple would have decided take some time to see how your relationship is progressing and what decision to make. It should be remembered that it is not the first crisis that the ‘influencer’ and the plastic surgeon go through, since in September they were already in the news after the numerous breakup rumorsAlthough it was finally only a time that they gave themselves to think about the relationship.

Diego Matamoros and Carla Barber.

Diego Matamoros has left Carla Barber’s house

According to ‘El Español’, sources close to the couple assure that not a final break, but one new crisis That would have led Matamoros to get his things and leave Barber’s house for a while. The doctor has stayed with Togo, the dog that she shares with the son of the Telecinco socialite. For now neither party has spoken about it on Instagram, although his thousands of followers have noticed that They haven’t shared photos together for a long time.

They started their relationship last summer

Went to early june when Diego Matamoros confirmed his romance with Carla Barber, a well-known plastic surgeon in the world of entertainment and a friend of his sister Laura Matamoros. The couple then corroborated what some media had already affirmed sharing their first photo together on social media.

Diego Matamoros confirmed his relationship with Carla Barber with this photograph.

Diego Matamoros confirmed his relationship with Carla Barber with this photograph.

Since then, the couple has always been sharing some of their best moments on their social networks. Barber came to the life of the son of Kiko Matamoros suddenly, shortly after he ended his marriage to Estela Grande. “I think that right now it is the engine that moves everything in my life (…). I honestly did not expect to find someone like that so quickly. It is difficult to find someone like that in a lifetime”, The young man assured in the summer in the Mtmad program‘Just the right weight‘.