‘Diego Costa is a disgusting little rat’

Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster did not hesitate to choose Diego Costa as one of the most uncomfortable rivals he has faced. The British goalkeeper spoke of the Hispanic-Brazilian and of the fame for being a constant nuisance on the pitch.

It’s a good question and it’s Diego Costa because he was just a filthy little rat, ” Foster said on The Cycling GK YouTube channel.

“He just grunted and scratched and he wouldn’t leave you alone and he wouldn’t give you a second of breath. And you know what, Luis Suárez was also a bit like that. It was horrible to play against him, he would kick you, scratch you, do anything. But they are just pure winners, I love that type of player. You want those kinds of players on your team. Animals! ”Foster added.

Another type of player that Foster believes is critical to success is a level-headed, tough-playing figure. “(I was with Roy Keane) only for a while and to be fair, it scared the hell out of me. He was a scary guy, ‘’ said Foster.

“Nemanja Vidic was also a little ‘sick’, to be fair. I would say Nemanja. I’d gladly put my head on the end of someone’s boot to prevent a ball from getting in. Yes, crazy, “said the 37-year-old goalkeeper.

Finally, Foster assured that Carlos Tevez is the player with the worst attitude in training that he has ever seen. “Carlos Tevez, 100%. He was a disaster in training, he was not interested in them at all. He didn’t care, training wasn’t even a thing for him. It was horrible. But on a Saturday afternoon, oh my gosh, what a player. Just that winning mentality, he gave everything he had and was an incredible talent on the field on a Saturday afternoon, “he said.