Diego Arrabal assures that the emission of the documentary by Rocío Carrasco is in danger

The documentary ‘Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive’ It has become the television phenomenon of the moment, in addition to the fact that the pink press does not talk about anything else. And it is that each week that passes we know more details of the Rocío Carrasco case.

The program ‘Viva la vida’, led by Emma García, this Sunday dealt with the latest data revealed from the documentary series. In this sense, the journalist Diego Arrabal has assured that the broadcast of the documentary by Rocío Carrasco is in danger.

“At this very moment I can assure you that these chapters are in danger more than ever.. There are judicial movements that endorse it, ”Diego Arrabal said on the set of‘ Viva la vida ’. “Rocío Flores is extremely bad, very bad “, continued in his speech.

“I believe that this is not a game, I believe, obviously, that she has lived that, she is telling it in the first person, you have to respect her. But to save herself or her story, to put the daughter, I think it is to sacrifice the daughter, “he continued.

Diego Arrabal in ‘Viva la vida’

At that precise moment Carmen Borrego interrupted Diego Arrabal, but after a few seconds she continued to report. “Last week Rocío Carrasco sat down because they’ve really been reissuing it, these chapters that are very hard. So much so that you can see part of the chapter that takes away his voice, “he said before the watchful eyes of the collaborators who were on the set.

Finally, he said that there is content that “legally can bring consequences and not very good, and not only for Rocío.”