‘Details’ gives Espanyol victory in Castellón

As it well says Enrique Ballester, a journalist who defines himself as “a columnist who does not want to be right”, for more years that pass and more things we see in this football, ‘Details’Is still the one who decides the most games. Proof of this is what happened in Castalia on this Friday night. He started the Castellon, focused on not making a mistake in defense and finding a penalty with which he went ahead on the scoreboard before the first quarter of an hour of play. But a posteriori he tied the Spanish in a set piece play, (not twisting play) and later the (avoidable) expulsion of Iago Indias ended up paving the way of triumph for those of Vicente Moreno. ‘Details’, wow.

With the three points achieved the Spanish went to sleep as leader, but beyond a fact that it matters little beside being in one of the two direct promotion positions when the 42 days of LaLiga Smartbank, the parakeet box left Castalia definitely strengthened two weeks after living a very delicate moment in Miranda de Ebro.

On your visit to Anduva those of Vicente Moreno had a hard time to avoid returning home empty. It was not like that because Nico Melamed scored the 2-2 in the addition after a more than gray performance of those of Vicente Moreno. More than as a result of having rubbed the sticks well, that spark that seems to have lit the parakeet fire came out of nowhere. It was a matter of ‘Details‘.

By budget and potential, for this Spanish Getting promoted is more of an obligation than a goal. Because even though LaLiga Smartbank it is uncomfortable for anyone, whoever has better weapons than the rest has to be able to prevail in this sporting war. That’s what the Spanish in Castellon this Friday, and he did. But he needed the invaluable help of the soldier ‘Details‘, Who on this occasion agreed with him and misbehaved with an Enrique Ballester more than Castellon than the ‘pam-pam, orellut’.