Deschamps and Benzema: ‘Speaking of forgiveness is a very big word’

Didier deschamps spoke on the France Info station about the return of Benzema to the selection. “I’m not going to give you or anyone any more details on that. You already know the story of our meeting, the most important step: we saw each other and discussed. Without that, it would have been impossible, “said the coach.

Deschamps made it clear that “talking about forgiveness is a very big word. We are not talking about Didier Deschamps as a man, but Didier Deschamps as a coach. And I am in a position. As I have said before, I will say it again, although it is difficult for some to understand: I am not interested in my personal situation, “he said in France Info.

About the Eurocup, Deschamps He explained that he faces it with “great serenity and tranquility” and that his goal is “to go as far as possible.” He explained that he has called up eight forwards with “different profiles”, that they will not all play at the same time, but that thanks to that he has “different options and a lot of quality”.