Deportivo takes out the ticket for the First Federation

The Sports avoided prolonging the agony and, with two goals from the Venezuelan international Miku fedor, one of Borja Granero, a free kick from the Costa Rican Celso borges and the lace of the canterano Adri castro, took out the ticket (5-0) for the First Federation, new bronze category of Spanish football, against the Langreo.

In a season in which he was left without a chance to fight for promotion to Second division after a bad first phase of the season in which he reacted late and was left at the gates of the podium that would have allowed him to opt for professional football, the Sports, at least, tied the basic objective: to follow a rung of LaLiga SmartBank.

The tie of Numantia in A Malata against Racing de Ferrol (1-1) on Saturday left the First Federation within a shot of a victory against Langreo for Deportivo, which this time did not fail before 5,000 fans in a Abanca-Riazor Stadium With the capacity limited by the Covid, but multiplied by five with respect to the previous appointment of the championship.

Before half an hour, Miku, with a touch of spur to the center of Héctor Hernández, cleared the way against Langreo, who did not play anything.

Borja GraneroAt the beginning of the second half, he increased the income of the athletes with a header in a new assist from Héctor, this time from set pieces.

With victory aimed, Miku resolved a heads-up pass from Rayco to score the third before being dismissed to applause by Riazor, and Borges sentenced the clash with a direct foul to the squad.

In the discount, the Costa Rican international, who was a substitute, hung the ball for the youth squad Adri castro, with a header, he will debut as a scorer with Depor.

The other square of First Federation in Group 1D they will play it on the last day on Racing de Ferrol, which depends on himself and visits the Marino de Luanco, and the Numantia, which receives Deportivo in Los Pajaritos.

5 -Sport: Lucho García; Bóveda (Valín, m.83), Mujaid, Granero, Héctor; Rayco, Bergantiños (Gandoy, m.83), Villares; Lara (Borges, m.73), Miku (Adri Castro, m.70) and Raí (Nacho González, m.84).

0 -Langreo: Denis; Miguel Santos, Gonzalo, Alain, Chus Puras (Strambo, m.70); David Iglesias (Rabii, m.55), Adrián Llano (Álvaro, m.77), Marenya, Álvaro Muñiz (Jorge Hernández, m.55), Ketu (Abel, m.70); and Allyson.

Goals: 1-0, M.29: Miku. 2-0, M.46: Barn. 3-0, M.63: Miku. 4-0, M.76: Borges. 5-0, M.92: Adri Castro.

Referee: Alexander González González, from the Tenerife Committee. He showed yellow Gonzalo (m.20) and Adrián Llano (m.26), from Langreo.

Incidents: Match of the fifth day of Group 1D of Second B played at the Abanca-Riazor Stadium before 5,000 fans.