Denmark welcomes its heroes with pride and emotion

The Danish national team arrived in Copenhagen today amid a final flurry of emotions after the 1-2 defeat conceded in the extra time of the Euro 2020 semifinal that faced England at Wembley on Wednesday. A controversial defeat that, after Joakim Maehle’s controversial penalty to Raheem Sterling, marked the end of the roller coaster that the participation of the team led by Kasper Hjulmand in the tournament has become from the outset.

In their debut at Euro 2020, the Danes suffered the terrible impact caused by the cardiac arrest suffered by their figure, Christian Eriksen, during the match against Finland. Revived by the doctors on the Parken pitch, the Inter midfielder was transferred to the hospital and his teammates, shocked by the experience, lost that match (0-1) and the second against Belgium (1-2).

But from then on they went on an incredible journey to the semi-finals, where they were beaten by England.

“It is a pleasure to see you, it is a pleasure that it is not online. This is our way of saying thanks, ”said Danish coach Kasper Hjulmand. to journalists following the team’s arrival at Copenhagen Airport from London.

“What we have been through has been very strong,” confessed an emotional Hjulmand. “We wanted to win. We were close and we are upset and disappointed not to achieve it, ”he lamented in the first place.

We want to inspire and unite Denmark

“And another thing. We want to inspire and unite Denmark. We will continue to do so ”, highlighted the coach. “We appreciate the support, without that support we would not have gotten back on the horse. Now we end up applauding the people ”, he concluded before the players and coaching staff applauded as a sign of gratitude to the fans who supported them during the tournament.

Many of the players, with tears in their eyes, hugged each other before taking different paths after staying focused for a few intense weeks that they will never forget.

Outside the airport, they were greeted like heroes by friends, family and supporters, who cheered them on.

I’ve never experienced anything like this

“There is pride in all of this, because it has been a huge journey. We have been through the entire emotional record. I’ve never experienced anything like this, ”said captain Simon Kjaer, revealing that he spoke to Eriksen after the semi-final:“ He was disappointed with the result, but he is enjoying time with his family ”.

UEFA announced that Eriksen, released from the hospital after having an automatic defibrillator implanted, his partner and six doctors were invited to the final, but there is no confirmation whether he will attend.

Schmeichel and Delaney will not see the final

Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel and midfielder Thomas Delaney said they will not see Sunday’s decisive match at Wembley between Italy and England. All remain with the close bond forged between them after an experience that they consider the most important of their lives.

“In 20, 30 or 40 years we will be able to remember this feeling. It is an incredible group that we have here, we have already talked about it before, but we have shown it in the last weeks, “said Delaney. “Everything we’ve experienced is the kind of thing that leaves a mark on your soul.”