Dembélé awaits Atlético

Atlético de Madrid
continues to work on the main headache for the coming course, the accompaniment of Luis Suarez in attack. Two lines of thought moved in the rojiblanco club, as we explained to you during these weeks.

On the one hand, that of the ‘low cost’ option, so to speak. A player who arrives on loan, with or without the option to buy, of a medium profile, to accompany the forward ‘charrúa’, to complement him. Not a world-class player, but rather what has been said, a complement.

On the other hand, the commitment to a flashy ‘9’, a recognizable name on the international scene, young to be able to be to establish a future around him (Luis Suarez he is already 34 years old), let’s say a profile like they could be Lautaro
Martinez or Dybala.

However, as the market progresses, the more complicated is the second way. Especially since the Athletic he only contemplates it in the event of a departure from one of his important men. Without this condition, it is impossible to go to operations that would be around 80/90 million euros.

The fact is that, right now, the option of a loaned forward to complete the squad is one of the most important possibilities in the market. And in that scenario the name of an old acquaintance arises again, Moussa
Dembélé. Despite the fact that the French forward spent half a season in the Athletic
, the truth is that he is still a stranger to the mattress fans.


Came in winter after leaving Diego Cost
to, but Simeone He barely used him despite the fact that he publicly defended his virtues. A positive for Coronavirus and that fading in the break meant that he could not have more opportunities. He left the rojiblanco team with only 146 minutes in half a season, seven participations in a game, none of them more than 38 minutes of play.

The mattress fans would like to be given a new opportunity. And from France they point to a possibility that has remained alive, in the background, but alive. We mean that the Athletic request a new loan for the French player, for one more season.

The problem in this regard is that the Olympique de Lyon he wants to make money with him but the 30 million euros that he demands for him are a problem. In the case of Athletic it is clear that a purchase is ruled out. We will see if in the case of the French team this possibility fits. I am not the one that most convinces Simeone But on the other hand, he already knows their methodology, he identified a lot with the rojiblanco team, he made a good group with the Francophones and he already knows the country and The league.