Defined the groups of the Grand Prix Series Copa de la Reina 7s Iberdrola

The first of two series in the Copa de la Reina 7s Iberdrola 2021, scheduled for June 19 and 20 at the EElviña University Stadium (A Coruña), you already know the composition of its three groups, where the CR Majadahonda, current champion, the CRAT Rialta Residence and the XV Hortaleza RC They start as seeds, having finished on the podium in 2019, the last year the competition was played.

The best team in the Olympic modality in recent seasons, Majadahonda, will be measured in the Group A curiously to three cadres that have recently ascended to the best national leagues of XV, the CR Sant Cugat, who will compete at the highest level in 2021-22, the Rugby Turia, new Honor Division B team, and the AVIA Eibar, who has made it to the play-offs for the DH title in his first appearance.

Group B, the ‘Group of Death’

It could be argued that Group B is the ‘Group of death’, having three of the eight teams in the Iberdrola League 2020-21How are the CRAT Rialta Residence, the Complutense Cisneros and the Pozuelo Olympic, completed by the Leon Rugby Club, who debuts and will maintain the traditional Castilian-Leon representation.

Maximum equality we expect in Group C, where the interesting trident of Madrid groups formed by the Dragonas of the XV Hortaleza RC and the Industrial Engineers Las Rozas as members of the DHB and the Sanse Scrum as a DH regular, they are joined by the CD University of Seville, team specialized in sevens and that has a fruitful career in Andalusian rugby.

In Galician lands, the twelve participants will fight to finish in the best possible position not only to add a positive number of points for the final classification, but also to have as favorable pairings as they can in the second series, which is held in La Guinardera (Sant Cugat), June 26 and 27.

Winning a tournament grants a loot of 22 points for the general, while 19 and 17 are the units added by the other two teams that finish on the podium. The oscillation of points between the 4th classified and the 12th includes figures between 15 and 1. Whoever accumulates the most at the end of the two rounds will be champion and the last one will be demoted.

It should be remembered that during the same dates of the 1st series, it will also be played in A Coruña, more specifically in Acea da Má, the National Women’s Sevens Challenge Tournament, that crowns the champion team of the second category, who rises facing the Queen’s Cup of the following season, as happened with the AVIA Eibar in 2019.

C.R. Majadahonda (5): 2011-12, 2015-16, 2016-17 *, 2017-18, 2018-19

· Olímpico de Pozuelo C.R. (2): 2009-10, 2012-13

C.R.A.T. A Coruña (1): 2010-11

· Polytechnic University of Valencia (1): 2013-14

R.C. Valencia (1): 2014-15