Defeat out of catalog

From pounding on the calculator so much, it ended up breaking the keyboard. From turning the barrel of the revolver so much, the shot was in the foot. From so much living on the wire, when the Real fell there was no net. From the aggressive staging of the HuescaUntil the evident lack of freshness with which the team is reaching the end of the course, going through a poorly defended lateral foul in the 86th minute that turned out to be a lethal concession, there are several explanations that can be found for the defeat of the Real in Huesca. At the bottom of it, however, what underlies above all is the poor staging of the team in terms
offensive. Single shot On goal with a certain intention, for a total of three, it is a baggage with which it is difficult to win a game.

The defeat at El Alcoraz is a discontinued defeat in the behavior of Real this season. An extremely efficient team on these types of afternoons, they had not lost any match of this category. Defeats in grenade or in the field of I raised they are the ones that can be most similar to him, but they are more armed adversaries than a firm candidate for relegation.

That the Real does not reach the last three weeks of the tournament with the capacity to make any boast is a message that the troop had not only launched a few days ago, but also assimilated with the naturalness of an exercise in which the performance of the players have squeezed to the max. And, above all, with the comforting tranquility that it gave to see the team behave at the height in games that, like yesterday, were a guerrilla war like that of Ipurua or that of Anoeta in front of Celtic.

La Real yesterday did not even show enough enthusiasm to get into a fray of that condition. The spirit left him. He did not have poison through his direct game to take advantage of the risk in the pressure and in his advanced position that Huesca adopted in the first half and when the game entered more classic parameters, he also lacked finesse with the ball. The soldiers of the Royal did not seem to be prepared yesterday for this war. The Huesca weapons, deactivated by the Txuri Urdin, did not give any sign that the outcome could be what it was, which led the duel to a well-accepted truce, apparently by both parties. A classic action of this game as the 1-0 decided the match, completely disrupting the calculations of the Real that today may lose its safety cushion in the classification.