Defeat of the Santboiana before an authoritarian Alcobendas

He Lexus Alcobendas, main rival of VRAC Entrepinares Cheese, was authoritative in his visit to the EU Santboiana on the last day of the year of the Rugby league by winning the Baldiri Aleu by 14-31.

The José Inchausti team, who began to send with two punishment blows from Javier López, demonstrated his superiority with three attempts, achieved by Sergio Molinero, Mauro Luciano Perotti and Damián España.

For now, it is the leader with two points ahead of the VRAC Quesos Entrepinares, which will host the University of Burgos this Sunday.

The Basque duel in Fadura favored the visiting side. Ampo Ordizia beat Getxo 29-46 and was placed in third place, while in the other early match Complutense Cisneros beat Independiente 36-15, who is last without victories, just like Getxo and Ciencias Universidad Pablo de Olavide.