De Tomás: ‘Next year I’ll be at Espanyol, of course I will’

Raúl de Tomás, one of the undisputed leaders Espanyol, has assured this Thursday that the team wants to raise the title as Second Division champion and that they will leave their souls to beat Alcorcón on Sunday. RDT recognizes that he is excited to finish as a ‘top scorer’’Of the championship and that he will continue at Espanyol next season, as he has a contract and is happy in Barcelona, ​​tied to the goal of returning to the First Division.

“I have a contract and I am happy here.
The objective was to return to the First Division and next year I will be here, of course I will ”, he assured RDT when asked about his future.

Regarding the end of LaLiga and the match against Alcorcón, where a victory would be synonymous with singing the alirón in Segunda, the striker has it clear, they are going for all. “We all want to get the title, because we are winners, despite knowing that the main objective was to ascend, but once achieved, the need for a title is now generated. And it is fine and it will fight, but let’s not forget what has been achieved. We will try to get it out for us and for everyone ”, he explained this Thursday.

At the same time he has insisted that “nWe are the first who want to win this Sunday and get the title for the people. We will try. It is obvious that the head, once the main objective is achieved, can disconnect a bit. In fact, the last results have not been positive, but let no one doubt that we will go to Alcorcón to win the title ”.

RDT, which in principle could already be the holder On Sunday, having completely overcome the Covid, he has acknowledged that he is excited to finish as a “top scorer” of LaLiga Smartbank. With 23 targets, he leads the ranking of maximum gunners, closely followed by Djurdjevic (Sporting) with 22.

Sleep doesn’t take it away from me, but I’m a winner and it’s something I want to achieve. In addition to the group, I also want to achieve things individually. I am going to Alcorcón with the aim of becoming champion but if I focus on mine, I will help the team. It is something that goes hand in hand and is what I will try to do ”, he highlighted.

In his presentation as a Espanyol player, RDT said that I wanted to make history as a parakeet. He continues to have that challenge between eyebrows despite the complicated months lived, especially last year with the decline. It had a thorn in it.

“I said it and things didn’t go the way I wanted, I was aware that if I stayed I knew what I should achieve. I was left with a thorn, because I came with the intention of saving to the team and really after the quarantine I personally did not live up to what I had in mind ”, he explained. And to the thread he pointed out that “it was important in that project and that had an impact on the team’s trajectory. And I stayed to remove that thorn and the bad feeling of not having done my best to avoid the fall.

By last RDT has confessed that although the team has not suffered In Second, the dressing room has had a difficult year: “It has been a pretty tough year personally and collectively. LThe results have been accompanying and that can be a bit misleading, because it has not been easy, it has been hard. But the team has learned after having fallen and in the end, we learned a positive lesson. From minute one of the season we have been very aware of what we had to achieve and it has been achieved ”.