De Frutos: ‘I would never have imagined the year I have been able to enjoy’

Levante midfielder Jorge De Frutos confessed that he is living “a dream” in his first season in the top flight and that he “never” would have imagined playing at the level he has exhibited.

“Signing it of course that I would have signed it, I would never have imagined it the first year that I have been able to enjoy the First Division,” he said in an interview in the official Levante media.

“For me everything that I have been living is a dream from the first day I arrived. I have tried to contribute as much as possible and I think I have played good games and I am very happy about it ”, he insisted.

The player, who this season has scored four goals and has distributed nine assists in the League, was delighted to be able to enjoy this Friday with his fans the last game of the season against Cádiz.

“We also feel the fans very closely and we are very much looking forward to Friday, to enjoy the few people who will be able to enter but to see if for next year little by little they will be able to do a little better and more people are coming in ”, he commented.

De Frutos scored a spectacular goal against Atlético de Madrid

De Frutos regretted that the Levante fans have not been able to enjoy “the good games” they have played at the Ciutat de València this season. “It’s my first year here at Levante and it’s a shame that there couldn’t have been people,” he summed up.