de-escalation activities guide

The islands of Lto Gomera, El Hierro, La Graciosa and Formentera They continue to be the outpost of the de-escalation and will premiere phase 3 next Monday, while 70% of the population will be in phase 2 and 30% will remain in phase 1.

In the absence of the publication in the Official State Gazette of the ministerial order that will detail the activities permitted in phase 3, the “Plan for the Transition towards a new normality” approved by the government includes the following relief measures for that period:

-Increase the number of people who can attend funerals and funerals.

-Nightclubs and nightclubs with limited seating will open.

-There will be a “de-escalation and a revision of the nursing home model”.

-The recreational areas of shopping centers may be reused.

-Procedures for face-to-face reincorporation will be prepared for companies for work, with staggered hours and conciliation guarantees.

-The weddings may be celebrated with a larger number of guests.

-It can be consumed standing up in bars, although a safety distance of 1.5 meters will have to be kept between each customer at the bar.

-The capacity of terraces and catering establishments will be increased.

-It will also increase the number of stalls and visitors allowed in the markets.

-Cultural activities may be held with 50% of the capacity, except for the performing and musical arts and closed venues (one third).

-The bullfighting shows will be resumed with a capacity limitation that guarantees one person for every 9 m2.

-Cultural acts and shows, theme parks and outdoor leisure will set the limit at 800 people.

-Average training in federated non-professional leagues will be allowed.

-Outdoor sports shows and activities with less limited capacity, in similar terms to the cultural and leisure activities of this phase.

-Parties with a maximum of one third of the capacity, always guaranteeing the security separation between spectators.

-The public transport of cities will operate at 100% of its capacity.

-It is expected that there will be an increase in the permitted occupancy of buses and trains.


Next Monday, 70% of the population will already be in phase 2. These are the permitted activities:

-The meetings can be up to 15 people. The time slots for walking or sports are eliminated, however, those from 10 to 12 and from 19 to 20 hours remain for vulnerable people.

-You can go to the beach.

-Pools and gyms open with a limit of one third of the capacity.

-Visits to the disabled centers, sheltered homes and nursing homes are resumed, although the autonomies will establish the conditions for these visits.

-The autonomous communities can determine the return to classes for non-university education. They also open driving schools and academies.

-Weddings are held again, with a limit of 50 guests in closed rooms and 100 in open ones.

-The shopping malls open, with an influx limit. -You can go to bars and restaurants, with a capacity limit of 40%.

-Worship centers expand the capacity to 50%.

-Open cinemas, theaters and concert halls with limited audience.

-The active and nature tourism groups are expanded to 20 people.

-The resumption of professional league competition is allowed, but without public.

-The hotels reopen the common areas.


30% of the population will continue in phase 1 next Monday, the one corresponding to the Community of Madrid, almost all of Castilla y León and some areas of Catalonia.

The measures allowed in those areas are as follows:

-Meetings of a maximum of 10 people, including vulnerable and over 65 years, “as long as their clinical condition is controlled and allowed and maintaining rigorous protection measures”, a safety distance of two meters and the use of a mask.

-You can go for a walk in groups of 10 people, as well as do sports that do not involve contact such as running or cycling. Thus, the limitation that minors go out with a single adult to the street is over. But the time slots remain.

-The terraces open, with a capacity limitation of 50%.

-Discounts are allowed.

-You can visit museums, although the capacity is reduced to 30% (the autonomous communities can place the limit at 50%). Cultural activities are also allowed with a third of the capacity: if the venue is closed, a maximum of 30 people; if it is open, 200.

-Libraries will offer the loan service, also reading with limited capacity.

-Worship centers maintain a third of the capacity.

-Outdoor sports centers are opened for contactless sports such as athletics or tennis.

-Hunting and sport fishing and nature tourism are allowed in groups of up to 10 people.