De Bruyne acknowledges his luck in the goal ‘but we play good football’

Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City midfielder, said that in his goal against PSG “he had a bit of luck”, but that they played good football and have to be prepared for the second half of the tie.

City took the lead in the semi-finals with a 1-2 win in Paris in which the English rallied from Marquinhos’ opening goal with goals from De Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez.

“They are an incredible team with a lot of quality at the top. It was a shame that they scored us, but after the first 45 minutes we changed the way we pressed and it was better for us. We had opportunities and we played much better,” said the Belgian midfielder in BT Sport. “We were lucky in the first goal, but we played good football,” he added.

On the change of the team after passing through the changing rooms, De Bruyne pointed out that they played more with the ball and that they stopped “rushing” as in the first half. “We try to find spaces with more tranquility.”

Regarding his goal, a center that was poisoned and sneaked into Keylor Navas’ goal, assured that it is “very difficult for the goalkeeper because you always think someone is going to touch it.”

In addition, De Bruyne also explained the conversation with Mahrez in the foul that led to 1-2.

“He told me that he wanted to throw it away and I told him that if he trusted, go ahead. I trust my teammates a lot. Now we have one game left and we have to concentrate on it,” he concluded.