David Wood: ‘Like Jesus, Trump is misunderstood’

Images of protesters entering the United States Capitol last Wednesday they will surely be, despite the few days that have elapsed so far, one of the most shocking of this 2021. David wood, former Barça basketball player, who this Sunday went through the ‘Tu diràs’ of Rac1 and defended the acts of that past day 6, at the same time that he charged against Joe Biden.

“I started doing what we call the ‘Jericho march,’ with people from the country going to each of the state capitals to complain about electoral fraud,” Wood said. “There were more than a thousand people willing to testify in court, but the legal system is corrupt and won’t let us tell the story”He added.

Wood defended the peaceful nature of the march and criticized the use of pepper spray and tear gas, which for him changed that tone of the march. “It was very bad. But police let participants in as a strategy to make Trump’s people look bad“Criticized Wood.

For Wood, the protest was out of control by the presence of many people, “Something very similar to what happened with the racial tensions over George Floyd”said the player, who could be seen during the protests playing the horn “so that the walls of corruption, of electoral fraud would fall”. The corna is a symbolic instrument for the Jews.

The former player was blunt in his criticism of Joe Biden. “You will end up in prison. He will not be president of the United States. They will arrest him this week and President Trump, who won the elections, will again send four more years. I am one hundred percent sure, ”he said. His support for Trump is manifest. “He is a fighter with a good background. His problem is that he does not care what the banks, big companies or the government say. He cares about people. Like Jesus, Trump is misunderstood“Said a Wood who criticized that all the US media” are against Trump “and I share this circumstance with Adolf Hitler’s control over the media in Nazi Germany.