David López, just a scare

More good news for Espanyol after a round weekend in which he won and thrashed again and also, all his rival directors in the fight to climb punctured.

This Monday the Catalan club has confirmed that the alleged injury of David López has been a scare. Remember that the Espanyol captain received a strong blow to the ribs in the match against Logroñés and He was replaced by Calero in minute 23, setting off the alarms before the possibility that David could sustain a major rib injury, a break.

But today the blue and white club has confirmed that that of Sant Cugat does not suffer any fissure, that the annoyances are not serious. Hence, it may be, in principle, at the disposal of Vicente Moreno for the game against Castellón on Friday, always pending as it evolves during the week and that you are fully recovered from the discomfort.

Another player who was also substituted for an ailment against him Logroñés was Pedrosa, who noticed a puncture in the adductors just before kicking the ball that would become 3-0 for Espanyol. Nor would their discomfort be serious since the left-handed side has joined together with Puado, as already planned, to the concentration of the Sub’21. And the doctors of the team will follow up, in coordination with their counterparts in the Catalan club.