Darryn Binder commands the first day at Mugello

The South African Darryn binder (Honda) was in charge of commanding the final table of free practice at the end of the first day of the Moto3 Italian Grand Prix that has been developed in the circuit of Mugello, ahead of the Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda) and the British John McPhee (Sling).

The Spanish Adrian Fernandez (Husqvarna) did not start the day very well because as soon as he arrived at the circuit he found himself unwell and vomited everything he had in his stomach, which surely took its toll on the first free session, in which he finished 28th in excess of 3.5 seconds of the best time of the batch, which was for the Italian Andrea Migno.

In the second session, the youngest of the brothers Fernandezwell his brother Raul He is one of the main protagonists in Moto2, as he was last season in Moto3, he could not improve practically anything and finished twenty-sixth.

Pedro Acosta (KTM), the world leader, took it relatively calmly as he rode five laps, in the last of which he achieved his best time, and went into his workshop to make a series of changes to his bike while on the boards of times the Italian commanded, again Andrea Migno.

His teammate, Jaume Masiá (KTM), despite a recent surgery for a scaphoid tear by the orthopedic surgeon Xavier Mir, had no problems in aiming for the maximum to get the best time of the session when there were almost twenty minutes of effective training left, although that place did not last long, surpassed by the Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda).

And, as long as Foggia assumed the role of leader, the leader of the world championship, he went to the ground on the fifteenth curve of the track, just the entrance to the very long finish line, 1,141 meters long, without causing any physical damage and with the advantage that he was able to start the motorcycle to enter workshops and be able to repair it, something that was not possible and that is why in the final minutes the Mazarrón rider was seen in his workshop already dressed “in civilian clothes”.

When suffering the fall Acosta He was seventh in the timesheets, although he gradually lost positions to “enter” tenth in the final minutes of the session and finished the session in sixth place and out of the second direct classification.

TO Foggia The joy did not last long because although his time was already the fastest of the weekend, as it had been previously that of Masiá, the Japanese climbed up to the first absolute square Tatsuki suzuki (Honda), who despite his nationality knows the Italian Tuscany layout very well, being part of the team of Paolo Simoncelli, the father of the late Marco Simoncelli.

But the final minutes represented a big change in the order of qualifying, with the South African Darryn binder commanding the table, followed by Dennis Foggia, the British John McPhee (Sling), Romano Fenati and Tatsuki Suzuki.

The first Spaniard on the times table was Jaume Masiá, eleventh, ahead of Carlos Tatay (KTM), also in positions to enter the second direct classification, not so Pedro Acosta, sixteenth, ahead of Sergio Garcia Dols (Gasgas), with Jeremy Alcoba (Honda), twentieth, Xavier Artigas (Honda), behind him, Izan Guevara (Gasgas), twenty-fifth and Adrian Fernandez, twenty-sixth.