Daria Kasatkina charges against footballers: “They are pathetic and arrogant”

Surprising statements from the Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina , who has lashed out without complex against the soccer players in his country by assuring that “I cannot bear their behavior” and questioning that they charge too much money.

The 23-year-old tennis player and number 66 of the WTA women’s ranking has repeatedly declared herself a fan of football and more specifically of Barça. However, despite his passion for the sport, he has not hesitated to criticize that many footballers collect such exorbitant amounts of money.

“Footballers are pathetic and arrogant,” says the tennis player, clarifying that “not all, of course,” in an attack of sincerity.

“But I don’t like anything in Russia. I can’t bear to see how they behave, how they present themselves, ”he says of his compatriots, always speaking to the sports journalist. Maria Komandnaja via Instagram Live.

As for the wages paid in men’s soccer, his complaints go especially against Russian players: “Of course there are people like Messi or Cristiano, that they are the measure of all things and that in this sense they deserve to enter what they enter ”, he emphasizes and adds that“ yes, I like soccer, watch it, but not soccer players; With whom I have come across, at least, I do not identify with their way of behaving.

According to the WTA list, Daria Kasatkina, who resides in Catalunya, has won more than 6 million euros in awards since turning professional in 2014.