‘Dardazo’ poisoned by Jesé’s ex to Aurah Ruiz

TO Aurah ruiz the dwarfs continue to grow. When it seemed that everything was a bed of roses with reconciliation with Jesse and the opening of his new business, the television company surprised its ‘fans’ confessing that it could be going through a depression.

Now, in addition, the player’s ex-girlfriend and mother of two of his children, Janira Barm, wanted to add more fuel to the fire with a direct message to the Canary Islands. It has been through his Instagram stories, where he has rated Aurah from narcissistic.

General description, symptoms, when to see a doctor or how to unmask a narcissist are some of the data that the Catalan has ironically wanted to share with her followers. It is true that, at no time, does he refer to the young woman but, as we say, this ‘Pullita’ arrives just a few hours after Ruiz’s confession on his channel ‘Mtmad’.

To finish, the model wanted to delight her ‘followers’ with a sensual pose in a bikini. However, it is not the first time it has:

This is Janira Barm, the ‘Catalan barbie’ who has fallen in love with Jesé Rodríguez
Janira Barm, Jesé Rodríguez's ex

Janira Barm, Jesé Rodríguez’s ex