Danny Rose says they are treated “like laboratory rats”

Danny Rose, Tottenham winger on loan to Newcastle, was very critical of how the Premier is treating players. In his opinion, the footballers look like “laboratory rats” when they expose themselves to becoming infected after declaring a return to training.

“People suggest that we should go back to football, as if we were guinea pigs or laboratory rats,” Rose said as soon as the six positives detected in the Premier League were known. Watford announced that three of them corresponded to two of its technicians and one of its players, while Burnley explained that it has the positive of one of the coach’s assistants.

This week the return to training was decreed, the first phase of the so-called ‘Project Restart’. Speaking to The Lockdown Tactics Rose podcast, she added: “We are going to experiment (in) this phase and see if it works or not. I imagine people at home saying, ‘Well, they (the footballers) make a lot of money, so they should come back.’ ”

The Premier tries to convey confidence to the players, since several of them have expressed their doubts about a safe return to training. Without going any further, several Watford players, with Captain Troy Deeney at the helm, have refused to exercise for fear of catching it.

All the commotion comes on key dates for English football to give the green light to a return schedule to finish the competition. The most powerful clubs advocate for finishing the course, while those in the lower part of the standings struggle to try to force the end of the season without playing and that declines are not decreed.