Danna Paola surprises with her most intimate confession: ‘Sometimes you don’t realize …’

The performance of Aisha in the program ‘Top Star’He brought out the most personal side of Danna Paola. The Mexican artist positively valued the Valencian contestant and gave her a very personal advice after which she ended up opening on the channel in front of the viewers.

“There is a phrase that reminds me a lot of the series I was in and is ‘Never love someone who makes you feel ordinary.’ You should never stand on a stage feeling ordinary because you are extraordinary ”, transmitted the popular international artist and actress.

After these heartfelt words of Danna Paola, Risto Mejide, with whom he shares the jury table in the ‘talent show’, did not hesitate to ask his partner the following: “Have you ever loved someone who made you feel ordinary?”.

Risto, in ‘Top Star’.

“Yes, and I wrote a song about it,” he confessed. “Sometimes you don’t realize when you are in love that that person is not there when you need them, that you are giving without receiving the same in return. Sometimes love becomes very half-hearted and we lose our romanticism and how important it is to listen to a person and give them the time they deserve ”, the young woman answered sincerely.